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Professional Constables & Process Service is a probate process serving agency with over 13 years’ experience in Wareham, MA and New Bedford. We have a notary public, a constable, and probate process servers available for your process serving needs.

A probate is a legal process often required after a person passes away. In a simple probate process, an appointment is made to allow someone to handle the deceased person’s assets, pay the debts and taxes owed on the assets, and disperse the remaining assets to the beneficiaries.

There is usually no need for legal advice or a probate process service if the probate process is simple. However, if at any time during the probate process a will is contested, the probate process may become confusing and complicated. Usually, professionals are called in to help handle the legal process. We can help with the filing and serving of notices while you are busy focusing on the many details during this part of the probate process, such as:

• Timing—There are time factors involved in filing and objecting to claims against an estate.
• Rights—The rights of beneficiaries must be respected in terms of providing proper and adequate notice.
• Creditors—Creditors have the right to notification through published notices.
• Petitions—Petitions may need to be filed and letters of administration issued.
• Lawsuits—Lawsuits may be pending, and there may be separate procedures required in contentious probate cases.

Foregoing the probate process is almost always a more straightforward and convenient option. However, when not everyone agrees, we are here as your probate process server. Choose Professional Constables & Process Service in Wareham, MA and New Bedford for all your process serving needs.

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