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With the complicated Massachusetts laws dictating how to serve a summons, the surest way to achieve proper service on an individual or corporation is to use Professional Constables & Process Service in Wareham, MA and New Bedford. With over 13 years’ experience in the business, we guarantee our summons server will follow all Commonwealth laws.

Personal service of a court summons within the commonwealth requires certain papers to be served together. As a professional process server, we are familiar with the exact papers needed and will assist you with those papers. The surest way to have a summons served is by having one of our professional staff members complete the task. Service of a summons has a time limit. We know the law and the time limits set by the State of Massachusetts. Trust us with your summons matters.

The person serving the summons must provide proof of service in writing to the court promptly after the deed is done. Using one of our experienced summons servers will give you full confidence that your proof of service was filed on time, leaving you nothing to worry about.

There are times when, after a diligent search, an attempt to serve an individual fails. Under these circumstances it is best to use a professional process serving company that knows the laws. We have experience in this matter and know the correct way to handle such a situation, file the paperwork, and explain the circumstances.

Whether serving a summons on an individual or a corporation, the process is defined in the Massachusetts Civil Procedure Rule 4: Process, and we follow it to the letter. We know who is authorized to serve, the time limits to serve, the types of papers to serve, and who can be served. Leave your summons in our hands, and we will deliver. Reach out to Professional Constables & Process Service in Wareham, MA and New Bedford when you need professional summons services.

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